Animal Liberation Front - the game -

Game project looking for developers

In short:

A 3D Game about direct action against animal cruelty. Gameplay includes planning and taking part in animal liberation avoiding alarms and sneaking in the shadows.


Promoting veganism and animal rights as well as covering an uncovered area in computer gaming. We wish not to encourage illegal activities.


With your support. This project is so huge I can not simply undertake it by myself. If you are interested taking part in this project, contact me. Project will be released under GPL (if you don't know what opensource is simply google it).
We are not offering jobs. No salaries. This is a community based non-profit project. If you have spare time and interest, join us.

This project needs :

Storyboard Writers, Designers, Programmers, Artists in 2d and 3d, Level designers etc.

If you want to take part in making the first ALF game:

if the above is too complicated, or you have questions just email me: "kimmoilppola at"


We are short on developers :( There's only 2 of us right now. Urgent need for graphicians and 3d modelers.
Game features have been planned and we are currently assembling a toolset. We need a lead programmer for the Windows version.
We also need someone to take care of this webpage.

Want to design this page? Join the ALF game developement team.